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All the devices for the operating room

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Kubtec logo

MOZART from Kubtec is the essential tool to control instantaneously the micro-calcifications and/or the sufficient removal of healthy margins when the tumor is removing.
The aim is to do the compulsory control of the remove part, still in agreement with the INCA criteria.
Picture of the Mozart device by Kubtec

Rand logo

RanD designs the Performer HT, a system (equipment and material for single use) dedicates to hyperthermic treatments in surgeral oncology.
Thanks to the Performer HT, the user can fastly and efficiently manage difficult situations with high level of security conditions and with minimal manual surgery.
It is the reference in Extra-Corporeal Circulation (ECC).
Picture of the performer HT device by RanD

Quest logo

The SPECTRUM system by QUEST is the fundamental device in the operating room for the color and fluorescent imaging.
It can be used for both open and minimal invasive surgery and helps the surgeon have more information thanks to an image that resulted from the fluorophore.
Picture of the Spectrum device by Quest

Ariane logo

Papillon + device by Ariane Medical Systems is a great system in order to treat reachable tumors by X-ray brachytherapy.
It is maximised to apply the radiation correct dosis to the cancerous tissues avoiding the others tissues.
Picture of the Papillon + device by Ariane

Biodex logo

Thanks to BIODEX, you have an entire offer of nuclear medicine and medical imaging products.
BIODEX brand takes part of our portofolio because it respects our values of quality, adaptation and anticipating needs.
Biodex sales brochure

Diagnostic Imaging

The SMARTVENT system is a radioaerosol delivery system used to aerosolize quickly and at a low price DTPA to patients for the lung ventilation scintigraphy examination.
The SMARTVENT is used with kits easy to employ and settle.
It is totally shielded and works without oxygen.
The SMARTVENT pictures have the same quality than the other market sytems.
Picture of the Smartvent system

PTW logo

CLERAD represents the DIAMENTOR system by PTW.
These systems are used in radiotherapy and dosimetry.
Picture of a PTW device