Small gamma camera

The Gamma-Node (Nuclear Object DEtector) device, combined with the Gamma-Sup II, is the essential tool to locate the sentinel lymph node.
Gamma-Node is a small-field gamma camera will help you find the Sentinel Lymph Node with more accuracy, efficiency and alacrity.


With a CE (n°0459) reference, Gamma-Node belongs to II. a class concerning medical devices.
Double use : nuclear medicine and operating room.
Thanks to the mobility and several positioning, Gamma-Node could be use in breast, thyroid, prostate and cervix applications.

Role and working

Easy to move, it is very useful to get images :

  • before the operation, to control the sentinel lymph node positioning
  • during the operation, in order to guide with precision the surgeon
  • after the operation, to have an instantaneous control of the remaining activity
  • Technical features

    • Scanning head size: 4cm²
    • Scanning size: 400cm² (20x20cm²)
    • Resolution: < 4mm
    • Scanning speed: 20mm/s